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ReSET Wellness Summit | October 2019

ReSET Wellness Summit

October 18-19 2019

Summit Information
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 Enjoy the mountain air as you escape to

ReTOOL your

Holistic Health   ♦  Mental Motivation   ♦   Leadership Leverage

October 18 – 19 2019

Unicoi Lodge – Helen Georgia





Why you should attend the Reset Wellness Summit

editingLiFE 101 – Signal before U Change Lanes

editingLiFE 201 – Communicating without Words

When is it best to have a Manager at the helm and not a leader or vice versa? Have the wrong person in charge and make or break a project and/or business.  This presentations shines a light on the red flags most businesses do not see until it is too late. Have you ever had someone completely misunderstand what you were trying to convey in a conversation?  You heard the words you were speaking but you later found out they had walked away with a completely different perspective.  Could you be communicating without words and are just not aware of it.  This presentation will help you understand the when and how of your actions and what they say to others!

Identifying What’s Toxifying

Employ the Joy

We’ve all had that “get up on the wrong side of the bed” morning. But what about the “get up on the wrong side of the bed” week? Or month? Or year? What happens when most days are grumpy days? When everything (even the things you love) become a burden? In this high-speed, plugged-in, non-stop world, it’s easy to get stuck in “Go” without realizing that we are poisoning our minds and spirits. This session will help you slow down so you can identify the things that are toxifying your days and help you “purge” the poisons and “cleanse” the mental clutter for a happier, more productive you. Have you ever wondered why an hour immersed in your favorite hobby seems to pass in a minute while 10 minutes of astrophysics feels like a millennium? It’s simple…. joy! When something is pleasurable to us, “happy hormones” in the brain create a warm cocoon of joy that transforms the “task” we are engaged in to a moment of bliss. This joy aids in increased productivity, in promotes creative thought, and energizes us physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this session, you will gain tools to help you “employ the joy” in your everyday activities to help you be the best “you” in all areas of your life!



Perfectly Imperfect: What Healthy Means to Me

Have you tried EVERY fad diet out there? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Come hear about my weight loss journey and my tips for not only losing weight, but keeping it off FOR LIFE! Also, learn my tips to improve your health, your confidence, and your mood. .