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Gwendolyn E V Monroe

Gwendolyn E V Monroe

Gwendolyn Elaine (Vaughn) Monroe was born in Kansas City, Missouri, as the fifth child, to the union of  Leo M. Vaughn Sr. and Hattie L. Jones. Gwen retired in June 1993,  after twenty one honorable years, from the United States Army as a Commissioned Officer and continues to hold the rank of Major.

Her first book entitled “Yeah, I P.O.G.A.D. – don’t you?” was released in 2001 and she released her first CD “Doubly Graced” in 2009. She has a passionate desire to see others walk in their purpose and makes the time to help them ‘edit’ their lives so as to embrace F.E.A.R. out of their lives.

She often says she could be a professional student because of her inclination to continue learning and the importance education has played in her life. Her personal prayer is ‘to remain humble and teachable’ and believes that what you don’t know, can hurt you. Gwen has two Associates degrees – Business Administration and Graphic Design; a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with plans to pursue her Masters. In June 2015, she received her certification as a John Maxwell Leadership Coach/Trainer/Speaker and is intentionally purposed to ‘Grow Leaders’.

Gwen is the CEO and Founder of genUwen GEMS LLC which serves as the unbrella company for both SAYLAH Ministries International (SMI) and editingL.FE Enterprises (ELE).

SMI allows Gwen to fulfill her ministry assignment of assisting the Kingdom of God with ‘artistic words’ via dVyne dTaels, the graphic design branch; with ‘published words’ via Monroe House Publishing, the publishing branch; and with ‘spoken words’ via Care2Share, the teaching platform from which she shares God’s Revelations 4 Kingdom Living.

ELE enables her to fulfill her enthusiasm to serve others in finding and walking in their purpose successfully. ELE focuses on leadership sustainment; enhanced communications confidence and soft skills empowerment. ELE employs Gwen as a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach/Trainer/Speaker and is defined by a threefold mission (the WHY).  One – to nurture the leader within students before they are convinced they are just a follower; Two – to enhance the leader within the education to increase relational and  effectiveness; and Three – offer professional development to assist corporate/the entrepreneur in refining the leader within to complement their R.E.A.L. (R.elevant E.couraging A.cknowledging L.iquid) skills. ELE’s vision (the HOW) utilizes ‘treasure filled’ webinars/seminars, ‘wisdom inspired’ conferences, ‘thought provoking’ Lunch and Learns and ‘out the box’ Mastermind groups which are strategically and custom designed to meet the need of each client.  These processes will propel ELE to become a household choice for those wanting to ‘edit’ their life.  The ‘HOW’ may change to remain R.E.A.L.; but our ‘WHY’ will remain constant!

Gwen actively attends Harvestland International Christian Center of Powder Springs, Georgia, under the pastorate of Apostles Anthony and Margaret Sowemimo. She passionately serves as an intercessor, worshipper and teacher at her local church and exercises her faith while teaching at various conferences/crusades as an modern day epistle, read of many throughout the country.

Married for 36 years; Gwen has three sons, one daughter, seven grandchildren and two great grandsons who call her Mom, mama, grandma Gwen and/or GiGi. Gwen is living life intentionally and is laser-focused on serving her life sentence which is  “Living my full potential – to die empty!”

WARNING: Please know that when you contract Gwen as your licensed and certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker…you WILL take the lid off your leadership effectiveness! Ready, Set, let’s Grow!

Stacy Fehlinger

Stacy D. Fehlinger is the owner and founder of Healthy & Fit 4 Life. She is a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss and weight management.  She teaches her clients what she calls “The Real Food Lifestyle.”  Stacy became interested in helping others lose weight and maintain weight after going through her own weight loss journey that began in June 2000.  Stacy hit her goal weight in June 2001 and has maintained her weight since that time.

Stacy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and an Associate in Arts Degree in Legal Assistance both from Ball State University. She was a Paralegal for over 20 years before obtaining her health coach certification through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  

She made health her hobby when she began losing weight and now enjoys teaching others how to healthfully lose weight and be successful at maintaining their weight loss with a healthier lifestyle.

Stacy’s other passion includes educating families on the hidden toxins found in many processed foods marketed directly to our children.  She teaches a program called L.E.A.N. Start. L.E.A.N. is an acronym for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.  

She teaches her clients through her L.E.A.N. Start online workshops which are geared toward parents and Prime-Time Health online workshops which are geared towards those of us 40 and over. Her other services include online and in person healthy pantry makeovers, short challenge groups and her favorite way to help others is her customized personal consultation packages.

She is also a leader in her community. She is a former leader for the Hiram, GA location of a ladies only networking group called Xperience Connections.

Stacy also runs a local Meetup group called Help! Mom Needs a Break. The group participants in various fitness activities and lunch-n-learns where she gives healthy eating and fitness tips for busy parents. To RSVP for an upcoming event follow this link:

She has been married to her supportive husband since 1996 and has two beautiful daughters ages 13 and 10. When her daughters aren’t keeping her busy with their sports activities, her other interests include traveling, boating, music and attending group fitness classes. She is always looking for new workout buddies.

She would love for you to sign up for her bi-weekly newsletter that contains her blog on various healthy topics and healthy recipes. You can connect with her on Facebook at or through her website at

Vickie Crockett

Vickie Crockett


Vickie M. Crockett is an education professional with nineteen years of experience. She has spent over ten years working with middle school students and nine years teaching and mentoring high schoolers as they transition to college. During her career, Ms. Crockett has participated in international trainings in China, Spain, and Guatemala and has sponsored student trips to England, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Ms. Crockett has designed a comprehensive study abroad program in which students connect with learners in other countries, hone collaborative skills through interactive problem-solving tasks, and broaden their capacity for critical thinking and creativity through world travel.

Instructionally, Ms. Crockett specializes in reading, writing, literature, and interdisciplinary studies. Her work includes supporting struggling learners, designing accelerated curriculum for gifted students, and implementing authentic, problem-based learning programs with global applications. Ms. Crockett has served in leadership roles within her specialization to include mentor teacher, teacher leader, professional development presenter, interdisciplinary curriculum trainer, and departmental chair. In each role, she has brought innovation, progressive instructional strategies, as well as emotionally and culturally relevant learning.

Ms. Crockett holds advanced degrees in curriculum and instruction as well as certificates of international education from English Language Institute – China and international accreditation for student academic travel.  In her evolution as an educator, Ms. Crockett launched TEACH, an independent consulting company, in July of 2016. The mission and vision of the company is to support growth and development for students and adults through a strategic curriculum that synthesizes personal passion, professional aspirations, and spiritual purpose. As part of her work as an independent consultant, Ms. Crockett has written curriculum designed to offer innovative learning for students as well as progressive and restorative learning and development for adults. Her personal and professional motto is that the heart knows where the mind must go. Her program is designed to help guide and support all learners – youths and adults- on that journey. TEACH to Reach!